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© 2019, Au P'tit Grec | Creperie in Paris
  • 68 rue Mouffetard, 75005 PARIS
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On wonder of huge crepes

Rue Mouffetard, the offer of pancakes to go to the many students and tourists of the district is literally plethoric.

But a stall is distinguished … As its name does not indicate, the P’tit Grec prepares delicious sweet and salty cakes. For less than 6 euros, you can compose the crêpe salée of your dreams the greediest, choosing among the many toppings à la carte (grilled aubergines, goat, feta, tarama, mushrooms, etc.) and decorating it with “salad-tomato-onion” combo, always available!

The portions are gargantuan: I advise the little stomachs to choose the cheese cake, because you will discover a whole packet of grated gruyere …

The classics of the genre will meet your expectations, like the famous pancake Nutella-banana (whole).

There is often a little waiting, but what a delight to devour his huge slab on the pavement …

Happiness without frills, we tell you.

And you, where do you get good cheap pancakes?