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  • 68 rue Mouffetard, & 9 rue Victor Cousin


Brisket corned beef shankle chicken chuck tongue.

Fat crepe Soujouk Feta

In the busy street of Mouffetard we do not miss "au p'tit grec" only creperie with a tail that runs along the sidewalk. Why so many people: The pancakes are huge…

Kostasadminfrance 27/03/2019

Au P'tit Grec (Crepes) - Paris

This a a small creperie stall which sells a wide range of sweet and savoury crepes. We were so excited when we reach the stall as we see people holding on to their…

Kostasadminfrance 27/09/2017

On wonder of huge crepes

Rue Mouffetard, the offer of pancakes to go to the many students and tourists of the district is literally plethoric. But a stall is distinguished ... As its…

Kostasadminfrance 27/09/2017

Anto's Favorite Crêperie - Au P'tit Grec

Why locals love it If there was one crêperie in Paris I say you couldn't go wrong it would be this place. Paris was the end of the backpacking trip that started…

Kostasadminfrance 25/08/2017