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© 2019, Au P'tit Grec | Creperie in Paris
  • 68 rue Mouffetard, 75005 PARIS
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Anto’s Favorite Crêperie – Au P’tit Grec

Why locals love it

If there was one crêperie in Paris I say you couldn’t go wrong it would be this place. Paris was the end of the backpacking trip that started to blur, to add on, so many places were just so damn touristy. Then we met Anto. A local who’s tour is featured on this site. And then we woke up from the scary over touristy nightmare.


Why you should visit it

Anto brought us here. Now pay attention inspire of the long line and large sign its still somehow inconspicuous. Practice your local attitude and claim whatever open bar stools are left. I couldn’t have been happier, Now if only there were just five more days to our trip were we could scout local gems. Thank you Paris you are authentic after all


Special tip

Order one sweet and one savory and share this among two people. They’re huge